The jewellery designer in me is touched again and again by the beauty of the patterns that can be found in nature. Variation, repetition, growth and decay surprise me. In my designs, I want to capture some of that beauty and I try to find a simplicity that strengthens the shapes of those natural patterns.

My passion for working with traditional techniques is a passion for detail. Working metal by hand demands my full attention and precision. Only then will metal show what I can see in it. In this respect, restoration projects have a strong influence on my work. Together with restorers, I restore metal objects. This process demands modesty as a designer; in my mind I connect with the thoughts and hands of the masters who made the objects. It means I am always trying to find the right context. What it actually gives me, is an awareness of the soul a maker can put in an object. It improves my professional expertise when I try to find ways to master techniques that are no longer used. That's how I learn from the masters from the past. Without having been aware of it, they strongly influence my designs.